World Rhino Day 2019

This World Rhino Day, we bring to you ‘The Malilangwe Scouts’ – a film to celebrate the scouts of The Malilangwe Trust and recognise their commitment to protecting Zimbabwe’s rhinos.

World Rhino Day is certainly a day close to our hearts. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of capturing special moments with rhinos and the people that work so hard to protect them. We are truly grateful to these people, as we cannot imagine Africa without this incredible species.

To have a glimpse into the life of these brave scouts, watch our film 'The Malilangwe Scouts'.

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So many of Africa’s rhinos have been brutally killed as the demand for their horn sweeps across the Asian market as it is used in traditional medicine without any scientifically proven benefits. As this demand grows, the rhino populations dwindle, which is something we struggle to comprehend. Rhinos are being wiped out in front of our eyes and it is truly heart-breaking.
As a film production company that is passionate about creating content with purpose, we are so glad that we are able to tell conservation success stories, and shed a light on important work being done. The Malilangwe Scouts is one of these stories – about a remarkable team of people working in Zimbabwe to protect the natural heritage of this country.

In November 2018, we were honoured to visit The Malilangwe Trust in Zimbabwe, where we learnt of the hard work of the scouts as they protect the wildlife within the Malilangwe Reserve.

Through our film ‘The Malilangwe Scouts’, we documented the troubles and triumphs of the scouts as they work on the frontline to protect wildlife, including the remarkable rhino.
Since The Malilangwe Trust reintroduced black and white rhinos into the reserve back in 1998 as a contributing factor to restoring the historic biodiversity of the landscape, it is now home to a healthy population of black and white rhinos. Although the rich soils and nutritious vegetation play a role in the success of this reintroduction programme, the security and scout teams also play a huge part. With a dedicated team of well-trained and equipped scouts monitoring the rhinos and securing safe wild spaces for them to roam freely, the population has grown substantially, which is an outstanding achievement.

This World Rhino Day, we applaud the scouts of The Malilangwe Trust for their commitment to conserving rhinos and fighting the war against rhino poaching. We are so thankful for their tireless work.

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