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We are driven by a passion to produce films and create content that can truly make a difference and inspire change. We want to tell stories that matter and that will have a lasting impact in the fight to save our planet. Apart from the films and content we produce for our clients, we also work on a variety of our own independent productions.

These independent projects are a reflection of who we are and why we do what we do – each created with the intention of connecting, empowering and captivating people all over the world to create change. Funding is, of course, a huge part of this and we are always working to do more, create and finance more content that makes a difference. If you are someone able to contribute in this way, download our Independent Productions document to learn how you can assist us through funding.

These are two of our independent productions:

The Matriarchs

Sharing and supporting women through documenting their stories.
We aim to help women working to address humanitarian and environmental issues through film and photography.
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The Matriarchs

The Matriarchs as an organisation is first and foremost about a community, with the goals of uplifting and inspiring people globally, empowering women, creating more female role models, and creating real change in the world by supporting women who are doing important work to address environmental and humanitarian issues. The Matriarchs aims to do this through films we create about women working in the field to address key issues affecting wildlife and people today, which we will continue to share through our online blog.

We are also creating a documentary film series celebrating the women fighting for our planet – telling their stories through long format films. The series will feature six women working in diverse parts of Africa. Each episode will focus on one woman’s journey and the wild icon she is fighting to protect. The Matriarchs is a lot more than just a documentary series, it is a call to action. Our Matriarchs’ stories will not end when the cameras stop filming; they will live on through our community where viewers can follow developments, interact with conservation organisations, expand knowledge around endangered species and support causes.

While the documentary film series will come to an end – the community, which we have created, will be ongoing and will continue to feature women, working in both conservation and humanitarian fields, telling their stories through short films, photographs and powerful blogs pieces.

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