Spill the Beans

Often, those real and raw behind-the-scenes moments don’t make it into the final film – those moments that make you laugh, gasp, wipe away a tear, or help you learn something new. We feel that those moments are truly special and need to be shared.

Enjoy these Black Bean “Spill the Beans” short videos of behind-the-scenes moments from our film shoots.

Tim the Tusker

Black Bean End of Year 2017

Black Bean End of Year 2016

Grumeti Fund 2019

Grumeti Fund Anti-Poaching Unit

Coming Face to Face with the last great apes - Uganda & Rwanda

The Real Life Timon and Pumba - Namibia

Game Rangers International - Zambia

We offer photography as part of our services, as well as film production, and we can build this into our deliverables.

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