COVID-19 Checking-in

We just wanted to check in with you regarding all that is happening; it’s been an unsettling couple of weeks. We hope you and your team, friends, and family are healthy and strong and adapting to all the changes in this uncertain time.

We wanted to let you know that our Black Bean team is fully operational and is here to help you however we can.

We understand that for now, marketing/content creation is not a priority, but should you have requirements that we can assist with – we are here and keen to get creative, productive and assist you and your team.

We have a diverse library of archival footage and we are still able to conduct shoots without traveling huge distances and taking all the necessary precautions.

There are so many ways to reuse archival content creatively – from simply just letting the shots speak for themselves to using film to share deeper messages like how we need nature now more than ever.

Film and photography are powerful mediums so please let us know if are needing any help in generating high-quality content, ideas, or getting a message out to your audience.

All the best from team Black Bean.

Images by Alize Jireh, Chris Joubert and James Suter.
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